6 Key Components of Digital Strategy To Consider

6 Key Components of Digital Strategy

A Digital Strategy consists of few key components. The relevancy of the components depends on the type of the business and related industry. All which is important is to remain competitive, so, it’s better to research and analyze other businesses in your industry and see how they use the digital technologies.

Key components of a digital strategy implemented by digital marketing company Bangalore are listed below:-

  1. Online presence

Online Presence refers to your online reach and where the community and other businesses visualize your presence online. Your online presence includes:

  • Your business website, a campaign mini-site & mobile website
  • Your social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
  • Your Corporate Advertising Profiles on Yellow Pages Online or TrueLocal
  • Your Reviews, Links, Articles appearing on other businesses websites
  1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about promoting your business using online resources and tools. Digital Marketing Tools consist of websites, micro-sites, social media platforms and mobile apps. It includes online banner ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, SEO marketing, guest blogs, email marketing, newsletters, mobile banner ads, e-books, PDFs and so on.

  1. Selling online

Online Selling feature in any business give your customers the freedom of time and as well as browse unlimited choices all at once. It minimizes the processing time internally and let you focus elsewhere in the business.

  1. Customer interaction

Provide your customers an easy way to find you and access your business through a mobile device, traditional phone call, social media and so on. It will require minimal effort from the customer to find the information and search the product they are looking for.

To enhance your engagement with customers, you can use customer relationship management system:

  • Gather information about your clients
  • Track contacts, deals, and callbacks
  • Track and analyze the performance of your traditional and digital marketing strategies
  • Link your customer information with your accounting software
  • Get Idea about gathering and storing customer information.
  1. Online security

Online Security is like virtual assets and it is one of the essential components of small businesses. The data and information kept on file servers and computers are generally the most valuable and non-replaceable assets. It basically includes:

  • Staff Policies for accessing and storing company data using digital technologies and dealing with customer information
  • Cloud-based backup systems
  • Secure Software & Payment Systems
  1. Mobile-based solutions

Implementing mobile-based solutions into your business includes following strategies:

  • Mobile Commerce – Providing customers the option to transact through mobile phone or tablet.
  • Mobile Websites– Responsive websites that scale down to a mobile phone’s or tablet screen size.
  • Mobile Applications – Different mobile apps help users complete specific tasks.

Nowadays every digital marketing company Bangalore is putting emphasis on the key components of a digital strategy to run and uplift the ROI of the business.

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