Facebook for Business: Things You Need to Know

Facebook for Business
Facebook for Business

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, with over 2 billion active users. Most of the users update their profiles and interact with their friends on Facebook. Due to high number of active users on this website, many businesses find it useful for advertising and connecting with customers.

Using this social media platform for business purposes can be somewhat challenging due to various norms of Facebook. To get organic traffic and to make sure followers see your post, you can’t completely rely on facebook. However, Facebook is a great tool when it comes to target a specific group of audience using paid campaigns. Facebook stores enough idea about its users and uses this information to your benefit when you purchase ads.

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For running ads on Facebook, you need to create a Business Page first. You need to note that you can only create a business page if you have personal account on Facebook.

Creating your page

It is quite easy to create a business page and Facebook guides you through steps and for any assistance, you can always visit the help center.

Beside the basic general information required by facebook, include your basic details. Other important features to pay attention includes:-

Other important features to pay attention to on your business’ Facebook page include:

Add a button

Add call-to-action button to the top of your page and encourage visitors to interact. Use texts like get in touch, shop sign up or download game. Choose from an extensive range of buttons to display for your page of visitors.


You can add a link for reviews. Here customers can easily add rating and review on your business. Reviews and rating show up at top of the page. These reviews prove to be helpful in verifying your business and made it easier for your contented customers to recommend your product.


The community page displays posts, photos and videos from different customers. Customers can easily check for your store details here. This page is great source for your defined audience to interact and learn about your company.


The messages at the top corner will take you to the inbox area where audience had dropped their messages. You can respond to the message directly. Just remember your page message won’t appear in facebook messenger app. You need to download Facebook Page app to get these messages on mobile app.

Facebook Messenger

It is an important customer service tool, customers expect you to use it. Messenger features several new tools and updates that become easier for brands to engage with customers on one platform. If customer is purchasing through facebook, then it can use Payments on messenger for one-step check out process.


Insights is an analytics tools on your facebook page that shows information on various actions taken number of people you reached your website, number of pot reactions and engagements. With the help of this information, you can create effective social campaigns.

Publishing Tools

Using Facebook’s publishing tools, you can schedule post and also create videos, post job application and lead forms.

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